Camille backstage at Tori Kelly’s concert in Lynchburg, VA at The Acoustic Sessions Tour in 2019.
Camille backstage with Big Sean before his concert in Raleigh, North Carolina on the I Decided Tour. April 2017.
Camille and Aaron Carter after his Carborroro, North Carolina concert. Camille greeted concert goers at the door, sold ticket upgrades, and ran the meet and greet. March 2016.
Camille backstage with Demi Lovato at the Neon Lights Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina. September 2015.
me and aaron
Camille and Aaron Carter after his event in Raleigh, North Carolina. February 2014.
Camille and her sister, Bianca Wright, backstage during Tea with Tori at Tori Kelly’s concert in Carrboro, North Carolina. November 2013.
Camille and the Jonas Brothers before their LiVe Tour in Raleigh North Carolina. July 2013.
jonas meet and greet 1
Camille, the Jonas Brothers, and friend, Katia Martinez after a private acoustic concert hosted by G105 Radio. July 2013.