Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day, organized by Comic Relief, uses entertainment to raise money and awareness to help kids who live in poverty (Red Nose Day). They have raised over $1 billion dollars for kids around the world in the last 25 years. In 2013 One Direction visited Accra, Ghana headed to Accra, Ghana and visited a pediatric clinic that benefited from the charity (Daily Mail). The boys in the band released a cover song of “One Way or Another”. All of the proceeds from the song went to help those in the clinic suffering from severe sicknesses such as malaria. With over 3 million sales worldwide, Niall shared this message to than fans for the support of the band and the cause: “We just want to say thank you to our fans for their generosity. They never cease to amaze us. We’re so very proud of our involvement and knowing that this money will make a real difference is the best part of what we do. Please continue to support Comic Relief and do what you can for this incredibly important cause. Love Niall. X” (Comic Relief). In its first week, the single topped charts in 63 different countries. According to Daily Mail, £850k was raised for Red Nose Day through single sales when their story was written. They were able to raise a total of 2 million British pounds to help the children of Ghana.

A series of videos were released by the band to raise awareness. The Daily Mail described one of the videos in their story. “As Styles sat on the hospital bed next to Kofi he was overcome with emotion and burst into tears. Using his white T-shirt to cry into the floppy haired star was inconsolable. He also met and was rather taken with two month old Gwendoline who was suffering with pneumonia.Gwendoline’s mother Philomnia held her daughter in her arms while Harry affectionately played with the tiny baby.” The videos shared helped people realize how privileged they are. In one of the released videos, Zayn Malik, a now former member of the boy band, repeatedly said that it only costs 5 pounds to pay for a vaccination to save a child’s life from malaria (Comic Relief YouTube video). It was an emotional day for the number one boy band in the world and brought a lot of attention to the cause to their millions of fans. Combined the One Direction Red Nose Day YouTube videos had nearly 18 million views, a major impact for the organization.

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